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The deafening rumble of offers, obsessive consultations, an avalanche of deceptive discounts, information compiled by a sikos-nakos that pursues from everywhere “one way or another”, a widespread replacement of quality with marketing promotion.

The market offer tending to infinity, and in addition to this, the subjective assessments of “consultants” focused on promoting a certain brand profitable for the seller – this is not the whole list of troubles that the buyer faces today.

This state of affairs applies to all areas and products, including the electrical engineering segment.
We have rethought the market for electrical products and created our own professional space.
TOPOVVER has its own philosophy, character and values:
We do not advertise, but provide options for solutions.
We advise. No manipulation. And obsession is not about us either.
Professionalism and intelligence are our everything.

We also know that economy and economy are different concepts.
And perhaps most importantly, especially in the world of electrical engineering “We will never sacrifice reliability and safety to keep prices down.”

We are committed to understanding and helping you. A catalog with a wide range of products is available to you: cable and wire products, power connectors cee and Schuko, enclosures and mounting boxes, as well cable glands and related accessories.

Our offer is not limited to cee panel, portable or cee wall socket, we are familiar with famatel indoor socket, panel socket, famatel cable socket and outdoor socket. ВYou will not confuse us by asking if we have a “dad” (cable plug) as a counterpart to “mom” and whether the wiska oil seal is suitable or hermo input, we will not be at a loss – we strive to speak the same language with you.

Our team is ready to share the experience gained over the years of practice.TOPOVVER – These are products that have been tested for durability by professionals all over the world, these are manufacturers that are worthy of leading positions in the industry:

Top Cable, Valentini, Bals, IDE, ONKA, Schill, Syntax, Defender, SAFAK,Famatel …and we are developing and striving to offer you even more.
The more difficult your task, the higher our interest in solving it.
We provide an opportunity to purchase not only components, but also a ready-made switchgear. Our team designs and manufactures custom low voltage switchgears for the specific needs of each user.
Without undue modesty, we can say with confidence – we are good at what we do!
We want to be a valuable resource for you, a quality tool and a skilled assistant.

cable and wire products

power connectors of cee and Schuko standards

enclosures and mounting boxes

cable glands

panel socket, portable socket or wall socket, indoor socket, panel socket, cable socket and outdoor socket.

You will not confuse us by asking if we have a “dad” as a counterpart to “mom” and whether

omentum or sealed lead-in,

we will not be at a loss – we strive to speak the same language with you.

Design features

Power cable (wire) is a specialized product with conductive conductors in insulation, which is designed to transfer electrical energy from a source to consumers. Depending on the operating conditions, the scope of use and the main purpose, the electric cable can have various structural elements:

  • Conductors: copper or aluminum, monolithic or stranded.
  • Insulation of conductors: polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, rubber, oiled paper.
  • Sheath material: polyvinyl chloride, rubber or polyethylene.
  • Armor: tape or wire.
  • Core and other elements for stiffening.

In our online store, consultants will help each customer buy a power cable charger for an electric car, which will fully meet all the required operating conditions.

TOPOVVER Main areas of use

Our company provides an opportunity to buy a cable to solve the following tasks:

  • Construction of water supply systems using the resources of an underground well.
  • Power supply for lifting mechanisms of various types: electric hoist, girder cranes, hoists, movable power connections, etc.
  • Organization of permanent and temporary welding posts.
  • Installation of electrical distribution networks of various configurations.
  • Chargers for charging electric vehicles.
  • Connection of mobile electrical installations for industrial use.
  • Creation of automated control systems for technological processes.
  • Construction of local distribution networks at power plants and substations.

Our experts will help you choose an electric cable that you can buy on the most favorable terms in Ukraine. We always have in stock a large number of submersible, power, downhole, welding, shielded, low and high voltage, single-core and multi-core electrical cables, pumps, chargers for electric cars and other electrical goods at an attractive price.

Features of operation

The main factors that have a negative impact on the operation of electrical cables and wires are:

  1. High or low ambient temperature.
  2. Regular exposure to water and chemically active substances.
  3. Systematic exposure to vibrations and mechanical stress.
  4. Electromagnetic interference.
  5. Long-term exposure to sunlight.
  6. Installation with bends that have a small radius.

In our online store пthe opportunity was presented to individually select a cable for operation in any unfavorable operating conditions. So, if necessary, connect electrical installations that operate in high humidity conditions, use a cable submersible Xtrem H07RNF AD-8. For routing on a route that is characterized by a large number of bends with a small radius, usehigh flexibility cable POWERFLEX RVK or the wire of the fifth flexibility class H07VK. In the presence of high mechanical loads, the best solution would be to buy a cable 07RNF which is resistant to abrasion and torsion. It is also possible to buy from us a single-core copper wire that does not support the combustion of “NG”. And also a flexible cable of increased fire safety Toxfree RZ1-K which does not emit halogens harmful to humans in case of fire. Screened flexible cable Screenflex LiYCY VC4V-K – designed for control circuits, with protection against electromagnetic interference.

Our advantages

The online store invites all customers to take advantage of a large number of benefits from mutually beneficial cooperation:

– Our catalog contains a wide range of products, which allows us to solve problems of a very different nature. If you decide to buy a submersible submersible pump for water supply systems at a manufacturing enterprise, then we can offer you the appropriate water submersible cable. You can also buy a welding cable for organizing a welding station. Shielded flexible cable for connecting control systems.

– The entire range of cabling and wiring and other products from our catalog is subject to a long warranty period that covers all cases of defects and defects.

– For regular and wholesale customers, individual conditions of cooperation are provided, which include a large number of advantageous offers.

– We will provide fast delivery of all goods across the territory of Ukraine by any type of freight transport.

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